Our Mission

Adopt Nordic WA is a non-profit movement that exists to:


for the adoption of the Nordic Approach in Western Australia.


people and decision-makers on the harms of prostitution, highlighting the strong link between the availability of prostitution and the incidences of human trafficking.


in gathering together like-minded people and organisations already doing great work locally and abroad in supporting individuals who are victims of prostitution and of human trafficking.

Our Vision

We live in a world in which:

  • An estimated 35.8 million people are forced to live in slavery.
  • Human beings are bought and sold like commodities and it is often the most vulnerable who are victimised.
  • Millions of victims of prostitution and human trafficking live in the pain of physical and emotional abuse and isolation. Creating a legalised prostitution industry has not helped reduce these harms; in fact it has done the opposite.

We believe in a world in which:

  • Each human being knows their inherent dignity and value.
  • No person is bought or sold; men and women’s bodies are not traded as commodities.
  • The dominant culture is changed and men no longer accept that purchasing women for sex is okay.
  • Victims of prostitution are supported; not criminalised nor stigmatised.
  • People are hopeful enough to believe that the evils of human sex trafficking and modern day slavery can be defeated.